Thursday, January 27, 2011

Introducing Seer Farms Animal Sanctuary

I want to introduce everyone to an organization that is truly inspirational. Founded by an amazing lady, Laura Pople, Seer Farms Animal Sanctuary is truly unique. It's goal is to keep families together as they navigate various life crises and challenges.

For instance, a family's house is severely damaged in a fire, forcing them to rely on the kindness of friends and or family or hotels for housing while their home is rebuilt. But, they have several pets that can't be accommodated...instead of being forced to surrender the pets to a shelter that will try to place them in a new home they leave at Seer Farms. Seer Farms cares for the pets as long as it is needed. The family can come visit at any time. When the family is ready, they are reunited with their pets.

A woman feels trapped in an abusive relationship because the cats that have been her emotional rocks can't go with her to a shelter. She can't leave because her husband threatens to kill her cats every time she tries. Seer Farms can provide sanctuary for the cats until she is safe and in a position to take the cats back.

A family loses it home to foreclosure...
An elderly widow needs emergency surgery...
Flooding destroys home...

Seer Farms Animal Sanctuary is there to help smooth transitions. This unique program has been featured in People and the Star Ledger. Check it out at:

Keep in tune to this page too, because Seer Farms is gearing up for some major fundraising efforts.

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