Monday, October 20, 2008

Boring Posts

I have decided that posts without pictures look quite boring. Therefore, from now on, at least until the site tells me I'm out of room, I am going to put a picture up with each blog. Since I have no decent photo editing software, this may prove interesting.

Today's photo is aimed at my nephew. I saw a whole bunch of Chinese firetrucks on campus so I snapped a photo. The only real difference between US and Chinese trucks seems to be the writing on the side, which you can't really see in this picture. I have no idea why they were here. There was no drama or action around them and I didn't see any event. Perhaps they were just there to give me a photo op?!

Tomorrow I should have an interesting post for everyone. I finally found a map of Shantou that has enough English on it for me to navigate. I am going sight seeing. (No classes tomorrow.) My overall goal is to see Laoma Gong, or the Palace of the Old Mother. I also want to see some of the historic district. Oh, and find a diet Pepsi!

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