Sunday, October 19, 2008

Diet Pepsi

I have not seen any diet Pepsi since I arrived here in Shantou! At this point I would do almost anything for one.

The vast majority of Chinese people seem to be very slender, or at least the sample of them that I see around campus. I guess their metabolisms don't mind regular sodas. I have looked in every store near the campus. I have found, Coke, Sprite, ginger ale, 7-Up, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, orange soda, grape soda, juices of a million different diet Pepsi. I did find one bottle of Coke Zero, which I bought (for the equivalent of 50 cents in USD). But it is not the same!!!!

The first person that can tell me where to find a bottle of Diet Pepsi in this town will earn my unending devotion! On Tuesday I am going to go into Shantou proper to do some sight seeing and shopping. The first thing on my list is going to be diet Pepsi.

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