Thursday, October 23, 2008

Vastly Different Study Styles

Today's photo is from yesterday's trip to see the Palace-Temple of the Old Mother, Laoma Gong. I just love these little guys!

This is just an initial impression, but it seems that I have a vastly different study style than the Chinese students that are in my class. Admittedly, my study style is also very different than many American students; I have a very strong geek gene - Thanks Dad!

None of the students really take notes in class. They might scribble a few things in their textbooks but that is about it. I also have yet to see any of them take notes from the book, but that could be that I haven't yet talked to the right students. Index cards! They don't seem to be readily available here...I have yet to find any and I am down to my last 10 cards. They are key to my studying.

I was talking to one student about how they study and he just didn't seem to understand how using multiple tools helps you learn material. He told me he just reads the book, comes to class and reviews the PowerPoint slides. He did say that sometimes he reads aloud, but that is it. I can't imagine learning without using all of the tools available to you, listening, writing, reviewing, drawing, practicing, diffusion...

The gentleman that invited me here also said that he wanted his students to learn more abut self-study and critical thinking. There has been little discussion in classes - they have been almost pure lecture.

I am going to continue to look into this, for a culture that has a reputation for being overachievers, this is very perplexing.

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