Saturday, October 11, 2008

Campus Shots

Shantou University Campus is very beautiful. In the center of the campus is an artistic and peaceful park. Bamboo and trees for which I have no names are abundant. I thought some people might be interested in a few shots of the campus.

The first is the Main Administration Building, it is the first building seen as a person enters the campus.

The second is the Medical Building; this is where I will be spending much of my time over the next few years.

The other shots are of the park.


BevB said...

Hi Lee....
campus looks beautiful...and you already found a place to skate. I am so envious. Although I never got down to Guandong, Does everybody still ride bicycles or have cars taken over? What dialect will you be learning? I'll brush up....oh learn whatever Chinese I learned.

good luck kiddo. I'll figure out this blog stuff.
Aunt Bev

CRAIG said...

what a good Idea of a blog! You made it! All the best! Let us know, thru the blog how things are going.

Light is truly shining your way now!

Craig (and family)