Thursday, October 9, 2008

View from dorm room

Here are the views from my dorm room. The buildings you see are under construction. I don't know what they will be yet. It was interesting, yesterday I saw several people climbing on the roof, all of them were wearing at least some red. Red happens to be the Chinese color for luck. I wonder if there is a relationship. The other side is a view od the city of Shantou.

I have not yet started attending classes. There is some question about what they will do with me. However, I did join one of the English mentors for her English class this afternoon. All of the students were very nice and very curious. It was very enjoyable. I have been asked if I could help with the class, though I have not yet accepted since I am not certain what my situation will be.


Anonymous said...

Hi Elizabeth! Question...why does it say Lisa, what are you changing your name now? :) The view looks great but we need more pictures! get that camera fixed. Miss having you around but i'm still jealous as hell. lol i hope the stuff we got you is useful. Is the cafe there?
Enjoy your freedom and post often!

Anonymous said...

yeah it just occurred to me that i used my livejournal handle and you have no idea who it is. It's Erin! <3

Lisa Braun said...

Hey Erin,
So read the about me that I just added, it explains it all.

The book has been tremendously useful and the document holder is working wonderful. The florescent pink duct tape actually got used before I left! We used it to build a dam in our basement when it flooded during one of those tropical storms pieces that hit us.

Miss you all. Say hi to everyone at the LRG for me.


mike said...

Hi Elizabeth,

It was good to run into you at the Fall Festival. I hope you are well and enjoying yourself.

Michael :)